Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sheepish Return

No that title doesn't mean I did lamb last week, just that I haven't been posting here in a while so am feeling guilty! Hard to keep this blogging thing up.

Actually I have done lamb, and just about every other meat you can think of since the last time I posted. But ironically yesterday it was rib of beef again, just like my last post. If nothing else this blog is making me think how repetitive I can be! Must try and be more creative.

One of the lamb dishes I have done - a roast loin together with rosemary & garlic roast potato squares (at least they will be :-)

That said I did do yorkshire pudding in a small round dish this time, cut into wedges to serve. Decided that it was much better than the usual small round ones, so that might be the choice in future too. Much more like a pudding, with an evenly cooked eggy middle and only some limited 'crusty bits' on the edges. Yum. There were also Jersey Royals on the side, which were delicious, but to be honest I think we'll be back to Cornish new potatoes next - as nice as the Jersey's were, the Cornish are coming out even better.

In other news - the veggie plot is almost done. I've been planning to make a vegetable garden for years it seems, and have been keeping an old queen size bed that I broke up a long time ago (the first I owned - all of £10 it cost!) in the shed, with the plan to turn this old bed into ... you guessed it ... raised beds. One is now in place, filled with my own compost and 15 broad bean plants. The next will be up and running shortly. Now all I have to work out is what to put in it ...

Benedetta putting the finishing touches to the Broad Beans


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