Monday, June 11, 2007

A Wild Weekend

Wild food seemed to be the theme from last weekend. Cycled over to the Thorverton Country Show, which is always fun, and then down the river for a swim where we found wild mint growing in abundance on the bank. As our cucumbers are just about ready Tzatziki was planned with that, which turned out very well on Sunday night. We also gathered about 20 heads from the Elders around the village which are now becoming Elderflower Champagne as I write (fab drink that). And then there was lunch - pesto I made using wild garlic from the Exe valley.

Here's the roast chicken I did that went with the Tzatziki - kind of spatchcocked and then roasted with orange, lemon & thyme. Nice recipe, but it was the combination with the Tzatziki which really made it.

Altogether I'm feeling very environmentally friendly :-)


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