Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Braised Lamb Italian Style

Well I've not blogged here for a while, though I've been cooking as much as ever. Finding the time to squeeze everything in is a pain! I will try and post something up here a bit more interesting soon, but in the meantime here in some more experimentation with the Flip HD video camera, filming a Sunday lunch. Lots of short videos of the various stages.

Been trying to do some Anglo/Italian hybrids recently, so here's a good example of one.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Good Old English Apples

Just sitting here at work enjoying my usual breakfast of whatever fresh fruit is in season, and I had to put up a quick post about the fab apples I picked up in the Tiverton Pannier market from Alister Strachan's stall last Saturday. It's ridiculously difficult to get anything but the usual suspects in most shops, Cox, Russet, Braeburn, etc., and whilst I have no problem with those varieties you'd think that in a country famous for it's apples, with hundreds upon hundreds of different types, we could perhaps do with a bit more choice!

Alister had the usual suspects, but also other more unusual varieties like Spartan and some I'd never heard about like Winter Gem and Fuji, which I've just been enjoying. It's a real pleasure to be eating apples that have their own unique flavour and texture, so much so that you can even choose your apple based on what mood you're in, so if you're anything like me get yourself to Tiuverton Pannier Market next Saturday and pick up a selection before they're all gone.

Winter Gem on the left and Spartan on the right


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