Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wireless & MDA Vario

Well I finally got around to fixing the wireless problem at work. Turns out that some devices don't like Spaces in an SSID. Tip for those with Similar issues!

Writing this on my tablet PC, so excuse the shortness. One day I'll train the voice recognition...

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

PC Pro: Product Reviews: Labs: PDA phones

Well what do you know, PC Pro think that the i-Mate K-JAM, aka the T-mobile Vario or my new Pocket PC Phone, is pretty cool too, and have made it a labs winner. Nice to have your decisions vindicated :-)

PC Pro: Product Reviews: Labs: PDA phones

Decision time - Pocket PC or Smartphone?

Well I'm inching towards keeping the new Pocket PC. It's a great little device, although not quite as little as my smartphone which is part of the problem. Another reviewer did suggest that it's a bit too thick and I'll have to agree, although having the keyboard is pretty cool. I keep fogetting it's even there though, and up clicking the miniature keyboard on the screen instead - Duhhh!

Funny how your mind can change - my smartphone does seem a bit like a toy now in comparison with the Pocket PC. It was great when it was all I knew, but I'm slightly embarrased that I raved about it quite so much. The limitations are put in stark relief compared to the new device.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

From Smartphone to Pocket PC Phone

Well I finally made my mind up, and have ordered a new MDA Vario from T-mobile (good review at Coolsmartphone). Having been with Orange for years now, it seems strange to be leaving, but they didn't seem to be in any hurry to keep me. I must have joined Orange maybe 15 years ago now, and have never been with anyone else - there's a little bit inside me that feels like I'm cheating on someone! Trouble is they seem to have gone off the boil recently, and that together with the extraordinary deal T-mobile have put together, giving you 40Mb a month of data, plus the fact that Orange are not releasing the SPV M3000 (their version of the MDA Vario) in the UK has sealed the deal.

So why the MDA Vario, or HTC Wizard to give it it's proper title? Well I guess the main thing I've been looking for is a bigger screen and the ability to run more complex programs, plus those 40Mb to make mobile browsing an every day reality as opposed to a luxury.

I moved over to Smartphone some years ago with the first 'decent' Smartphone (according to some, the MPX200. That went through some upgrades and then I moved on to the SPV C500. It's become an integral part of my life, whether it's home life or work life, but as I've used it more and more it's limitations have become more obvious.

Anyhow - I'm rambling. New phone arrive svery soon, so I'll wait and see.


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