Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Braised Lamb Italian Style

Well I've not blogged here for a while, though I've been cooking as much as ever. Finding the time to squeeze everything in is a pain! I will try and post something up here a bit more interesting soon, but in the meantime here in some more experimentation with the Flip HD video camera, filming a Sunday lunch. Lots of short videos of the various stages.

Been trying to do some Anglo/Italian hybrids recently, so here's a good example of one.


Velva said...

A fabulous roasted lamb dish. Did you really open the oven and pull the top off your dutch oven with your bare hands? Tell me the oven was just warming up :-)

Glad to see you post again. You need to do it more often!

Rich said...

Too kind as ever Velva :-) Surprised to hear you call that thing a Dutch Oven though - I've always thought they were heavier? (that one's only very light weight metal). Then again I've never really been sure what a Dutch Oven is. I can only assume the lid had only gone on though, I can assure you I don't have asbestos fingers!

That pan is actually a fab addition to the kitchen. I think I came across it by accident, it was in the bottom of an old stove I bought many years ago, but it's proved it's worth many times since. I do plan to get a 'proper' Dutch Oven one day - once I worked out what it is of course ...


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